Who I am ?!

I miss You mommy :'( I wanna cry over n over ! 

That is Really bad when u couldn't know who You are 

You keep searching in Your heart about who you are 

It's such bad thing when you feel upset of yourself 

That's very bad when you wanna to cry over and over but you are afraid of people looks

It's hurting when you need just one .... one hug truly hug which You feel that you are in safe

in safe of all sadness  and fear 

.... But you can't tell anyone 

you are trying over and over to hide your tears !

but no one even care 

no one There

just loneliness 

keep killing your soul 

 Oh that hurting when there isn't Real people in your life ! all of them just lies 

There are here for their Goals but no one here for you 

Oh you wish if you  could scream and shout tell them to go away ... Go away from me 

because they  never exist they  are mirage 

and you wanna real people 

not reflection of ghosts   

" fatma Gareeb "